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Skip2bfit Skipping Workshops

Our Youth Sport Trust,  Award Winning, skipping workshops use our specially designed counting skipping ropes to incorporate numeracy whilst promoting fitness and healthy living. The Innovation Award  was given to recognise the work of skip2bfit in incorporating school improvement with physical exercise. We use tactile learning to encourage children '2B the Best that YOU Can B'.  The sessions are great fun and pupils love the challenge set them.

At Skip2bfit we passionately believe that skipping is one of the best exercises you can do as it gives you the fundamentals of all sports i.e balance, timing and footwork. We have been teaching this for over ten years with our workshops which allow all of the children in the school to participate and achieve  promoting the message 'everybody can achieve'. Our ' can do' philosophy is taught using our own specially designed skipping ropes which count the number of skips you do allowing all children to improve and achieve. Our workshops also generate a passion for skipping in the school which can be seen by anybody visiting the school. It has also been mentioned as good use of Sport Premium at OFSTED in Mile Cross Primary, Norwich:-

 'Pupils make good progress in physical development, in staying fit and healthy because primary sport funding is used well to support their health and well-being. This was seen for example, during lunchtime when many pupils’ were enjoying skipping and exercising vigorously as a result of the initiative to encourage skipping to stay healthy.' Mile Cross Primary OFSTED Report 5-6 February 2014


 Skip2bfit skipping workshop uses tactile learning to motivate children to improve


Skip2bfit skipping workshops are mainly operated in primary schools and youth organisations but we have also ran them in secondary schools with great success. The school workshops are totally different to other types of skipping workshops as we not only teach children how to skip but incorporate this with improvement, numeracy and healthy eating. This holistic approach has been proven to improve academic performance.

Anyone wishes to book a click a Skip2bfit skipping workshop can download our booking form here.


DownloadsSkip2bfit skipping ropes used by schools to improve academic performance


Skip2bfit workshops: -


•Use the unique Skip2bfit Skipping Programme


•Operate all over the UK and Internationally


•Use our specially designed skipping ropes in our skipping workshops , which motivate children to skip and also help to intrinsically motivate children in all areas of the curriculum.


•Educates children about fitness and healthy eating. 

•Provide free fruit in all workshops


•Provide free blueberry bush if requested and available

•Are cross-curricular incorporating maths, PSHE, science and ICT.

•Are sustainable using a skip2bfit kitbag, providing teachers with all the resources they need to continue with the programme.

•Provide intra school competition on the day of the workshop.

•Proven to raise standards in schools.  

•All inclusive by using the Blueberry Bounce Ball

•Great way to raise funds for your school using 'Penny a skip' fundraising idea.

Baroness Sue Campbell presents Skip2bfit with YST Innovation award

•All workshops are to music as music helps to motivate. Skip2bfit Music tracks now available to download here.

•Winner of the Youth Sport Trust 2011 Business Recognition Award

  Skip2bfit school workshops penny a skip fund raising form











'We had a fantastic day with Skip2bfit. John was brilliant with the children and they responded really well to the challenges he set. The staff also had a great day and it brought out the competitive element in us! I would highly recommend this to all schools as a way of raising awareness of fitness and raising money for school.' Leigh Rimmer, PE Coordinator, Sledmere Primary School, Dudley


Boxing Fitness School Workshops( Box2bfit )


Box2bfit has been developed by John McCormack, a professional boxing trainer , as a way of incorporating the fitness sessions boxers do within a school enviroment. Box2bfit workshops:-


Junior Box2bfit school workshop

* Are available for both junior and senior schools


* Are fully modular and easily tailored to fit YOUR classes


* Incorporate medicine ball routines


* Are highly active, great fun and set to motivational music


* Competitive


* As seen on BBC News


* Use the unique skip2bfit counting skipping rope


* Great for getting the hard to reach children active


* Up to 15 stations allowing exercises to be varied for each session


* Schools can also buy the box2bfit kitbag in either a junior or senior version


* Ideal for either gender



The Prime Minister david Cameron hands out the Top Banana certificate for a prizewinner in his constituency in a skip2bfit skipping workshopChildren inputting their scores from a skip2bfit school workshop into a computerSkip2bfit working with School sport Partnerships and the Youth Sport TrustJohn from skip2bfit demonstrates his skippingDame Kelly Holmes supporting skip2bfit








Through the use of a simple skipping rope, fun and fitness can be given a real boost and at skip2bfit our specially designed digital skipping rope allows adults and children to get the most out of exercise. Invest in a skip2bfit digital skipping rope and you are investing in your health- the quick and affordable and easy way.

Skip2bfit has donated skip2bfit skipping ropes to many schools who have donated them to their link schools in Africa. The skip2bfit rope comes with a counter to count the skips you do and this has proven to be a great motivator to help improve fitness levels.

Skip2bfit skipping workshops are great fun and help to kep children in shape, keeping obesity at bay .

Anne Widdecombe MP supporting the skip2bfit school workshop programmeSkip2bfit skipping workshops are unique as we provide fresh blueberries to all the children we see. This is all part of the holistic approach from skip2bfit helping to educate youngsters on the importance of healthy living.The box2bfit school workshop is totally unique. It is so easy to set up and run using boxing equipment such as medicine balls, fitnness pads and mitts. The circuit is all done to motivating muisc which is perfectly timed for the whole circuit



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