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An Interview with PE Lead Headteacher from Barnsbury Primary on the Impact of Skip2Bfit in her school

Just before the lockdown John dropped off a Box2bfit bag to Barnsbury Primary as they wanted this resource bag to use in the school whilst they were still open for children of key workers. He took the opportunity to record a short interview with Clare .

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From Speaker of the House to Skipper of the House

Today we had a visit from John Bercow MP, Speaker of the House Of Commons. He came to see Skip2bfit in action at Quainton Primary in Buckinghamshire.

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Skip2Bfit visits China on a fact finding mission

John from Skip2bfit has recently visited Chinese schools to see why Chinese children are so good at skipping

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Broadstairs Food Festival

Once again Skip2Bfit was asked to run its outdoor events at the  Broadstairs Food Festival.


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Siemens Family Fun Day

Skip2Bfit recently took part in the Siemens Family Fun Day in Oxfordshire

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Skip2Bfit Shop Back

The Skip2Bfit Shop is now back on line. 

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Skip2Bfit Visits the European Parliament in the European Week of Sport

Last week was the European week of Sport and with the hashtag #BeActive the Skip2Bfit Events Team were the perfect people to invite to get everybody active. 

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New Skip2Bfit Website Launched

The first stage of the new Skip2Bfit website has just been launched. 

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Ed Balls signs up for Strictly 2016

Ed Balls has been announced as the first contestant for this year's Stictly Come Dancing.Ed Balls is one of the top MP skippers so he may surprise everybody with his footwork...

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Skip2bfit's Fund Raising Success


Skip2Bfit has recently been featured in PTA + as a great way of combining fund raising and the curriculum. It features Mile Cross Primary in Norwich.

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National Obesity week in Luton


As it was National Obesity Week the Luton Public Health team wanted to go out into the community and get people active and give them some advice on health eating. what better way to do this was there than to get the Skip2Bfit Outdoor Events team to come along and get the public skipping and eating healthy blueberries.


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Youngsters in Thanet are being encouraged to skip their way to good health in a project funded by national charity Heart Research UK.

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Ofsteds latest recommendations on School Sport

Today ( June 20th) OFSTED have released its report on competitive school sport and have issued some recommendations resulting from the results it has obtained from surveys. 

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Skip2bfit Attends KM Charity Team Event


Last Saturday, 17th May, Skip2Bfit was asked if they would help out at 'Buster's Big Bash' in Canterbury, which was a reward event for the families who take part in the walk to school schemes organised by KM Charity.


It was a beautiful day and the hundreds of children attending had plenty to do, as you can see from the news report on the Charity Website.

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Thanet Primary School's Skip2Bfit skipping Challenge Event 2014

We held our 11th Annual Skip2Bfit Thanet Primary Schools Skip2Bfit Challenge day on the afternoon of 14th March 2014 at Ramsgate Leisure Centre. The event was supported by  Winterwood Farms, St Peters Junior School, Tesco Extra and Your Leisure.

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Douglas Carswell MP visits Skip2Bfit skipping workshop at Holland Park Primary School


Douglas Carswell MP was invited to come along to Holland Park Primary to present the certificates to the children who took part in the Skip2Bfit 6 week programme.

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Results of Family Fitness Pack Pilot at Surestart Margate


In April Skip2Bfit started a pilot scheme  in a Sure Start Centre in Thanet urging families to get fit and shed a few unwanted pounds. The scheme used the Skip2bfit Fitness pack and involved families exercising together at home using their skip2bfit rope and CD. To keep the momentum up the families are meeting once a week at the Sure Start Centre where their progress was monitored. The first session was great fun as can be seen as can be seen by this report and video.

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Bridport Skip2bfit Challenge Event


On 27th September we held the first Bridport Skip2Bfit Challenge Event. The event followed a week of week of SkipBbfit skipping workshops at some of the primary schools in Bridport. The event was held at the The Sir John Colfox School, where some of the year 7 children were able to help out and adjudicate.

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Skip2bfit at Godiva Awakes in Coventry


Coventry City Council invited us to take part in the Godiva Awakes Event being held in Coventry. A large model Godiva was built to represent the West Midlands for the Olympic Opening Ceremony. The model has been travelling around the country since the Olympics and the event was organised to celebrate the model coming back to the City.

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Skip2bfit skipping at Broadstairs Folk Week

After our success in Coventry Skip2bfit decided to run a skipping competition at Broadstairs Folk Week.


The Competition was hotly contested with the police winning for the first few days. One of the most hotly contested categories was the girls under 7s with Daisy Atkins achieving 298 skips in 2 minutes. 

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Local Councillor funds Skip2bfit workshop


Last week Skip2Bfit visited the first school which was funded by a grant from a local Councillor in Hertfordshire, Robert Gordon. 

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Skip2bfit skipping workshops visit Ireland


Skip2Bfit recently visited Ireland with its unique skipping workshops. The schools visited loved the unique idea of the skip2Bfit workshops using skipping ropes that count the number of skips you do.

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Skipping in Northern Ireland

Skip2Bfit was contacted over a year ago by a Youth Club Manager in Northern Ireland who loved the concept of Skip2Bfit and wanted us to work in her area in belfast, Northern Ireland. She managed to obtain a grant from Subway, which they were awarding in partnership with the Charity Healthy Hearts.

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Skip2Bfit in the Sun Newspaper


Skip2Bfit is featured in Today's National Newspaper the Sun thanks to the work we have done with MPs. One of the MPs, who has taken part in our Skip2Bfit Challenge, is Chris Huhne, who is in today's headline news thanks to admitting to perverting the coarse of justice. 

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Watch John boxing in his heyday!

Ashford Boxing Club have just uploaded a video of John boxing in 1990. This was a grudge match with John and his contestant both being respected boxers. His opponent, Eddie Knight, had beaten Scott Welch, who became British and Commonwealth heavyweight Champion and world title challenger.

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Tom Little, Heavyweight boxer does the National 2 minute Skip2Bfit Championship Challenge

In his quest to get professional boxers to try their hand at the National  Skip2Bfit 2 minute Championship Challenge John asked Tom Little to have a go. Tom is a heavyweight boxer based at the TKO Gym in London. 

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Billy Joe Saunders British and Commonwealth Middleweight Champion does the 2 minute skip2Bfit Championship Challenge

Billy Joe Saunders, the British & Commonwealth Middleweight Champion, took part in the 2 minute skip2Bfit championship challenge today. He can be seen here showing his support for the skip2Bfit programme, encouraging children to skip2Bfit.

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Bob Walter MP supports Skip2Bfit session

Skip2Bfit recently visited St James First School in Alderholt and invited the local MP along to present some prizes to the winners and to plant a blueberry bush which Skip2Bfit had donated to the school's eco-garden. The MP, Bob Walter was happy to accept the invitation as he had seen SkipBbfit in action before and knew how much the children enjoyed the day.

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Julian Brazier MP joins in with Skip2bfit

Skip2Bfit visited Chartham Primary last Friday and invited Julian Brazier along to plant a blueberry bush donated by Skip2Bfit, at the school. Mr Brazier has seen Skip2Bfit in acion before and has been a supporter of the scheme for some time.

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Skip2bfit skipping ropes have been donated by skip2bfit to some schools who have donated them to their link schools in Africa.

When Skip2Bfit found out that Tibberton Primary had a link school in Kenya then we were happy to offer them some skipping ropes to take over to the children there.

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United States First Lady skipping

The First Lady of the United States of America has just been on US television to show off her skipping skills to promote the benefits of skipping as a healthy activity. 

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Skip2bfit visited by youngest ever mayor of Margate

Yesterday Skip2Bfit visited Holy Trinity & St John's Primary School in Margate. The children had a great time with the Skip2Bfit team.

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Thanet Primary Schools Skip2Bfit skipping Challenge 2012

The Thanet Schools Skip2Bfit inter school skipping challenge event took place on Friday March 9th at Ramsgate Sports Centre. The morning was a great success with twenty five teams coming along to compete in the junior and infant categories.
The event was supported by Thanet District Council, Thanet Leisure Force, Thanet primary School Sport Association and tesco.  As Skip2Bfit is not just about skipping there was a smoothie station provided by Skip2bBit's fruit sponsors, Winterwood Farms. This year we were also supported by Tesco who provided the water for the children.

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John wins Thanet Sport Relief Mile

For the second time on the run John from Skip2Bfit has won the Thanet Sport Relief Mile.

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Skip2bfit skipping ropes gift to school in Swaziland


At Skip2Bfit we have often given skip2Bfit ropes to schools and school Sport Partnerships who are visiting schools in other countries. One school recently, Johnstown Juniors in wrexham, was going out to Swaziland and skip2Bfit were able to give them some skip2Bfit ropes to take with them.

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South East News Report 8-11-11


John from Skip2bfit and Box2bfit was interviewed on 7th November 2011, at Maidstone Girls Grammar School, together with the School Games Organiser, John Saunders,  discussing the impact of the Government's decision to stop funding School Sport Partnerships.

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Children's secretary Tim Loughton MP has a go at the 2 minute Skip2bfit Challenge


Last week Skip2bfit was exhibiting at the National School Sport Conference at Telford. As usual the skip2Bfit stand was lively with lots of people having a go at the 2 minute skip2Bfit challenge. The key note speaker at the conference was Tim Loughton, the under secretary of State for Children and Families.

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Lesley Griffiths AM tries the Skip2Bfit Challenge

On a visit to St Anne’s RC Primary School, Assembly Member Lesley Griffiths set the benchmark for Welsh Assembly Members in the ‘skip2Bfit challenge’.
 This was skip2Bfit’s first visit to North Wales, and Lesley is the first Assembly Member to have a go, setting the benchmark to beat for Assembly Members at 124 skips in 2 minutes. Lesley also stayed to award certificates to the highest scoring skippers in each year group and referee a face off between the schools pupils’ best skipper and the highest scoring staff member.

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Skip2Bfit skipping workshops offers free blueberry plants


Skip2Bfit is now offering schools a free blueberry plant for their eco-garden. Blueberries are handed out in most of our skipping workshops. If they are not available alternative fruit is provided. An investigation into blueberries is part of the lesson plans included in the skip2bfit kitbag and therefore the plant helps to compliment it

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Thanet Inter Schools Skip2Bfit Challenge


The Thanet Schools Skip2Bfit inter school skipping challenge event took place on Friday March 11th at Ramsgate Sports Centre. The morning was a great success with fifteen teams coming along to compete in the junior and infant categories.

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Skip2Bfit receives Business award from Youth Sport Trust


Skip2bfit has been presented with a business award this week by the Youth Sport Trust. The award was presented at a Gala Dinner held for the Business Members of the Youth Sports Trust. In the press release issued by the Youth Sport Trust they have said that skip2bfit was recognised for excelling their expectations in various ways and that Skip2Bfit was selected based on their progressive and continual efforts to promote healthy lives, the School Sport Partnerships and most importantly the benefits physical activity can have on young people.

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Skipping on Chris Evans Radio 2 show

The Parliamentary Skip2bfit champion, David Davies, MP for Monmouth was the mystery guest today on the Chris Evans Radio 2 Breakfast show. He was on the show to talk about his skipping ability and he explained how he had won the title thanks to the Houses of Parliament skipping competition ran by John McCormack of Skip2bfit.

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Michael Lomax v Frankie Gavin


Michael Lomax's fight with Frankie Gavin on Saturday 19th February 2010 was shown live on Sky and John from skip2bfit was not only in the corner with Michael but Skip2bfit also sponsored Michael for the Fight

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Karl Turner MP visits skip2bfit Skipping Workshops


On Friday 14th January Skip 2B Fit jumped into Victoria Dock Primary School and sent the children hopping mad! They were also visited by the local MP Karl Turner, who had a go himself and handed prizes out to the children.

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Ann Widdecombe supports Skip2bfit


Back when Ann Widdecombe was an MP , she was invited along to present prizes at Hunton Primary School near Maidstone, who had been running the 6 week skip2bfit programme and were having their final assembly to present prizes and show their results. 

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Skip2bfit visits Northern Ireland for Sainsbury's Active Kids


The Skip2Bfit skipping workshops found themselves in Northern Ireland last week visiting a guide group in Cookstown for Sainsbury's Active Kids. We were able to see all of the group which included the Rainbows, Brownies and Girl Guides. All of the girls and leaders had a great time and the session was as attended by one of the store managers,Ciaran Hart, from the local  Sainsbury's.

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Medway Healthy School Skipping Challenge Event 2010

Medway Healthy Schools held its third skipping challenge event today on 19th October 2010 and once again asked Skip2bfit to run the event. This year we had a record number of schools enter with thirteen teams from junior schools and six teams from infant schools.

The children all had a great time with a visit from Mr Blueberry, water provided by our sponsors Sainsbury's and blueberries and satsumas provided by our fruit sponsors Berryworld, Winterwood Farms and Poupart Citrus. 

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Gerald Howarth MP visits Skip2bfit

MP for Aldershot, Gerald Howarth, had a go at the Skip2bfit Challenge last night at the 6th Farnborough Scout Group. The Scout Group had won a session from skip2bfit through the Sainsbury's Active Kids competition and Mr Howarth was able to find time out of his very busy schedule to come along and have a go himself. He was very impressive and despite skipping in his suit he managed a very respectable 80 skips in 2 minutes and is now included on our MP leader board.

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Fiona Mactaggart MP visits Skip2bfit prizewinner


Skip2bfit continued taking its skipping workshops across the country last week to the Sainsbury's Active Kids prizewinners. The last school of the week was Holy Family Catholic school in Langley near Slough.

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Great Feedback for Skip2bfit from Youth Sport Trust Primary Advocate Headteacher


Skip2bfit was recently asked to visit featherby Junior School in Gillingham by its headteacher Paul Green. Paul is a Primary Advocate Headteacher for the Youth Sports Trust and Skip2bfit was anxious to get his feedback.

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Skip2Bfit becomes a National Partner of Change4Life

Skip2Bfit has been accepted as a National Partner of the Change 4 Life Movement. Obesity is one of the biggest health challenges we face and the Government is committed to taking action to prevent more serious illness and much bigger costs to the health service and the country in years to come.
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Youth Sports Trust Sports College Conference 2010


Once again Skip2Bfit exhibited at the Sports College Conference. We were in our usual position and once again were a busy active stand with the Skip2bfit Challenges taking place throughout the two days.

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MPs show how they can Skip2Bfit


Skip2bfit held its second Parliament skip on 10th March 2009 challenging MPs to see how many skips they could do in two minutes.

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Rt Hon Andy Burnham hands out blueberries at Skip2Bfit


The Secretary of State for Health the Rt. Hon. Andy Burnham MP joined the Skip2bfit national school campaign at Lowton St Mary's  on Friday 2nd October .

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Abigail is the new Skip2Bfit champion 2009


The 6th Skip2bfit Thanet Primary Schools skipping Challenge day on the morning of 27th March 2009 at Ramsgate Sports Centre, discovered a new Skip2bfit Champion. Abigail from St Peter's School amazed everybody with her skipping ability. 

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Skip2bfit Thanet Skipping Challenge-Results 27th March 2009


We held our 6th Skip2bfit Thanet Primary Schools skipping Challenge day on the morning of 27th March 2009 at Ramsgate Sports Centre.

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Rt Hon Ed Balls MP speaks about Skip2bfit in his keynote speech at the Youth Sports Trust National Conference


The Rt. Hon Ed Balls, the Secretary of State for Children Schools and Families gave a key note speech at the Youth Sports Trust Sports College Conference in Telford on 11th February 2009

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Skip2Bfit exhibits at the School Sports Conference in Telford.


As Skip2bfit has become a member of the Business Honours Club of the Youth Sport Trust we were able to exhibit at the School Sports Conference in Telford.

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Michael Lomax wins Prizefighter Welterweight Championship


John continues his boxing links by sponsoring the winner of the recent welterweight prizefighter competition. Michael 'the Look' Lomax triumphed after a superb final at the York Hall, which was televised live on Sky TV.

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Hammersmith & Fulham Skip2bfit Challenge Day


Hammersmith and Fulham held their first skip2bfit skipping Challenge event on 7th November 2008. The event was attended by seven primary schools and was a great success with the schools competing against each other to win the trophies.

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Skip2bfit comes to Liverpool


We’ve been to Northern Ireland, we’ve been to Scotland, but the skip2bfit make every second count message has finally come to Liverpool.

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Skip2bfit visits Northern Ireland


Skip2bfit has just finished running its skipping workshops in Northern Ireland. The pilot project was funded through the Public Health Agency and visited five primary schools, one in each of the Education Boards.

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A berry good end to a six week event from skip2bfit workshops

A six week skip2bfit personalised learning programme, financed through Greenfields Primary school’s personalised learning budget, culminated in a hands-on visit to skip2bfit sponsor Winterwood Farms. 

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Skip2Bfit Public Health Team at Luton Carnival

Skip2Bfit's Public Health Outdoor Events has been out and about working with Luton Public Health at their Health & Well Being Area at Luton Carnival...

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Skip2Bfit Playground Markings

Skip2bfit is now offering schools the opportunity to purchase thermoplastic playground markings.

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Primary Education Gets Skip2Bfit

06-04-2011   A school in Cornwall  purchased a skip2bfit kitbag as they thought the idea was brilliant to gets kids motivated to exercise...

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