Skip2Bfit skipping workshops have been working in schools since 2002. 

The Skip2Bfit programme has been developed by working with headteachers and staff and realising that by demonstrating to children that if they put the effort in, they will improve. Without even realising it at the time, we have been teaching children that if they have a growth mindset they can improve at everything. This has now been recognised in schools and is now been introduced as part of the school's learning enviroment. 

Skip2Bfit skipping workshops help children in education by:-

  • Improved fitness levels, as it starts a skipping epidemic in the school
  • Impact on pupils’ ability to learn through improving self esteem, motivation, concentration and thinking skills across the curriculum.
  • Raises Aspirations as children realise that the 'Yes Feeling' they get when they improve on their skipping, can also be achieved by improving in their class work- see case study with Youth Sport Trust
  • Improves pupil's mental maths
  • Improve number recognition
  • Encourages Healthy Eating

This has been evidenced in the recent OFSTED Report for Our Lady Rose of Lima Primary where OFSTED has given the school Outstanding for Personal Development, Behaviour and Welfare. This was the only part of the report that was Outstanding. It said;

’Pupils’ physical fitness is strongly promoted. The two-minute daily fitness challenge has aided pupils’ health and well-being. This contributes to good levels of attendance, which is above average.’  It goes on to say ‘Pupils are confident and proud of their achievements and their school. They contribute towards maintaining the tidy and well-organised environment by looking after their belongings and not dropping litter. They understand the importance of a healthy lifestyle and enthusiastically take part in the daily two-minute fitness challenge.’  The two minute challenges that were mentioned were the Skip2Bfit and Box2Bfit challenges introduced to the school by Skip2bfit and Box2bfit , which the Headteacher went on to continue in the school every day! The whole report can be seen here

Skipping was also mentioned in Mile Cross Primary's OFSTED report as having had a positive impact on the school. 

Many schools that have skip2Bfit in for the 6 week programme use their pupil premium to fund this to help to close the attainment gap for disadvantaged children.