There have been many studies to show that children who participate in vigorous physical activity, such as sports, perform better in school. At Skip2Bfit we teach this to the children as one of the important reasons to exercise regularly. 

We have also had our own studies done which have shown that children taking part in Skip2Bfit have improved their grades.

The report is available to view here but in summary:-

All of the schools have reported improvements in academic progress and attainment over the 5 week programme.

Mental arithmetic SATs style tests pre and post skip2bfit sessions:-
Class a:- Up to 17 out of 26 bettered their score
Class b:- Up to 23 out of 31 bettered their score

" Tests were given to the class before and after the programme and there were noticeable improvements in achievements across the board. In my opinion, the Skip2bfit programme played a part in these improvements, 7 of 29 pupils demonstrating an improvement of a complete national curriculum level in writing. This would imply that other pupils have improved within a level but unfortunately these finer statistics are not available."
We also have a case study that demonstrates that the intrinsic motivation provided by a skip2bfit skipping workshop can help to improve academic standards in schools.