Psychologist Carol Dweck devised the concept of Growth Mindset after decades of research on achievement and success. It explains how intelligence can be developed, so that children focus on improvement rather than worry about how smart they are.

Growth Mindset is a tool for learning and improvement. She argues there are two mindsets, fixed and growth. She says children with a fixed mindset believe that traits such as intelligence, talent and personality are set in stone. They therefore avoid taking on challenges in favour of completing easier tasks to look clever. Children with a growth mindset believe qualities can be developed through dedication and effort. They are more likely to see setbacks as an opportunity and relish taking on difficult situations.

The Skip2Bfit 6 week Programme helps to develop this Growth Mindset in children. Every week the children do a Skip2Bfit 2 minute skipping challenge and their score is recorded on the score. Before they do the challenge all the children are reminded of their last score and encouraged to improve. After they skip we go through each chart. Any child who improves is allowed to ring the 'PB Bell' . What happens is the majority of the children improve week on week, which demonstates that effort leads to improvement. Children realise that if they put effort in they can improve at skipping and if they can do this at skipping they can do this in their class work. The data is recorded on the charts so schools can monitor the monitor the childrens' progress.

Skip2Bfit Growth Mindset Programme   Teachers getting ready for their Skip2Bfit Growth Mindset Programme   Children doing the 2 Minute Skip2Bfit Challenge