‘We are really trying to give our children opportunities for engaging in additional physical activity every day.

Of course, following our Run to Rio success, we are still doing our daily mile, but wanted an alternative option. We found Skip2BFit and they are fab - we've just had 2 days of workshops which are very motivating for the children and easy for staff. I didn't know if you had heard of them before?

Just thought I'd let you know in case other schools or PE leads ask you - point them in our direction for a recommendation!’

Jo Hastings - Headteacher of Ottershaw Primary, Surrey


"Just thought I'd send you a big thank you from 
all the staff and children at Bridge CEP School. Everyone had a 
fantastic time and were still buzzing with excitement today. The ropes 
are selling well and skipping mania has taken over in the playground. 

A parent informed me that her daughter had enjoyed the session so much 
( even though she couldn't skip!) that she was determined to be 
skipping properly by the end of the weekend. She succeeded and totalled 
1000 skips by Sunday! 

Your enthusiasm was infectious and really got 
everyone ( including the staff) fired up and giving their all - a great 
approach to  excersise and fitness
." Carla Long Inclusion Manager Bridge & Patrixbourne Primary School 

"Just had John in for his workshop today- he was fantastic. Full of enthusiam and the children really gelled with him ( although I think the reception children were a little bewildered at times). 

I don't know where he gets his energy from but it was quite infectious ! 

We are planning to use the Skip2Bfit counting skipping ropes next week in our maths lesson to teach mean, mode, median and the range of the number of skips, so wish us luck." Thorngrove Primary school , Bishops Stortford.
"Just a quick email to say what a great day we had with Skip2Bfit on Monday. 
John delivered each session with fantastic enthusiasm and motivation and his passion for skipping was infectious. 
The staff at Northgate are now starting a skipBbfit challenge every Thursday after school - we're all determined to beat our personal best!.  The skip2bfit kit bag is being used by everyone and the children want a dedicated skipping area in the playground and everyone is fully on board with the whole concept. 
Thanks again for this great opportunity." Northgate Primary , Bishop's Stortford
Just wanted to let you know how fantastic our Skip2Bfit day was. John was really on form and delivered  exciting full of energy sessions to Reception class right through to Year 6. The children (and staff!) thoroughly enjoyed it are definitely captured by the challenge! 
I am hoping we will be able to book Box2Bfit in the Summer term. 
Thankyou to the partnership for funding this really worthwhile day, it has brought attention to how effective skipping is for health and fitness and of course how much FUN it is! 
 Thanks again :)) High Wynch E Primary, Bishop's Stortford
Apologies for the email out of the blue but my name is Emily and my son is Harrison ...... ( Name supplied)  and attends Bridge and Patrixbourne C of E Primary School just outside Canterbury.  Last year Skip 2 B Fit provided the children with a skipping workshop and i just wanted to write to express my thanks.  
I've just been chatting to Kay ....  one of Harrison's old teaching assistants and she mentioned that you had asked after Harrison which prompted my email.  I have to say talk about a dog with a bone! that skipping rope got some serious use that weekend and has done very regularly since.  He is a skipping demon now, by then end of that week he had well and truly cracked it (if only he took to reading with such enthusiasm!).  Thank you for introducing something, which i am ashamed to say that despite owning myself at his age, i hadn't considered getting for him. He has taken it to his football club, he takes it on our walks (now skips) into town, he still takes it to school now and again and has demoed his skills to anyone who will watch.  I have rarely seen such determination and i am sure it's due to your encouragement and teaching so thank you.
Anyway i just wanted to pass on my thanks and a quick note from Harrison too....
thank you for my skipping rope. I can do 999 skips.
from Harrison. In 3kc. E-mail received  5 March 2013 Emily- Mother of Harrison

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