We provide a variety of school workshops incorporporating Skip2Bfit and BoxBbfit.


Skip2Bfit workshops can be run in both primary and secondary schools. We break skipping down into easy steps and show chidren how they can learn to skip like a boxer. We use our unique Skip2Bfit ropes, that count the number of skips you do, and challenge the children to the 2 minute Skip2Bfit challenge. Chidren love the children and are motivated to improve on their score. We emphasise the fact that concentration and perseverance leads to improvement which helps to develop a Growth Mindset.

We offer:-

One Day Skip2Bfit Workshops for both primary and secondary schools

6 week Skip2Bfit programme - visiting the same school for one day a week for 6 weeks.


Box2bfit is unique fitness programme involving boxing fitness all done to music. As with Skip2Bfit it includes music tracks all timed for two minutes using medicine balls, punch pads and mitts and Skip2Bfit ropes, on each fitness station.

We offer both a Parent-pupil Box2bfit and a senior Box2Bfit Workshop.