Box2bfit was designed by John McCormack, the creator of Skip2bfit and a professional boxing trainer.

It was originally designed for older children who wish to take on new and exciting challenges but because of its success and demand from primary schools, Primary Box2bfit was also set up.

John believes that boxing should be taught in boxing gyms, with qualified boxing instructors. He also believes that boxing fitness training is the best you can do, hence he developed Box2bfit which incorportaes boxing fitness in a circuit. The circuit is all set to music with 2 minutes or music, then 30 sec/1 minute rest. The CD used in the session is all timed for the circuit with 2 minutes of music then a heart best during the rest period.Both primary and senior Box2bfit is :-

* Ideal for either gender, girls enjoy being able to compete equally with boys in a non-contact fitness regime.

* the Box2bfit system is fully modular and easily tailored to fit your classes

*Our kitbags contain everything needed for a teacher to host a box2bfit training session comprising medicine balls, focus pads and mitts, skipping ropes, an instructional DVD and a music CD. Just start the CD and the session begins as the CD is timed perfectly for each station.

*Schools can have just a Box2bfit workshop or they can also purchase the optional kitbag. The kitbag makes the day sustainable and is perfect for the sport premium as training is given on the day to the teachers.


One Day workshop  £420 + VAT

Secondary Box2bfit Kitbag £700 + VAT

Primary Box2bfit Kitbag  £425 + VAT