Skip2Bfit Community Events are a fantastic fun activity for your event to get people involved and active. We have attended several events offering people the opportunity to take part in our 2 minute Skip2Bfit Challenge.

We offer:-

  1. Attendance at the event by a Skip2Bfit Instructor
  2. All the equipment provided by Skip2Bfit including mats to skip on if people do not have trainers on.
  3. Fresh blueberries available to hand out, in the UK.
  4. A Fun competition on the day seeing who can do the most skips in 2 minutes with prizes for the top skippers. People who take part often realise how unfit they have become and this pushes them into doing something about their fitness.

Skip2Bfit has attended many events like this including:-

  • Community Event in Sparkbrook,
  • Birmingham,Charity Fund Raisers,
  • Health Promotion Events,
  • Sporting Events e.g Fun Runs

We charge £800 + VAT for a one day event. For more information please get in contact today.

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