Skip2Bfit has been mentioned in several OFSTED reports. Below is a summary :-

Kings Farm Primary School - May 2018

'Play and lunchtimes are supervised well with healthy activities available for pupils to take part in. For example, many key stage 2 pupils were observed intently practising their skipping for the weekly Friday skipping competition.?' The full report can be seen here .

Our Lady & St Rose of Lima Catholic Primary School - February 2016

'Outstanding for Personal Development, Behaviour and Welfare'

'Pupils’ physical fitness is strongly promoted. The two-minute daily fitness challenge has aided pupils’ health and well-being. This contributes to good levels of attendance, which is above average.'

'Pupils are confident and proud of their achievements and their school. They contribute towards maintaining the tidy and well-organised environment by looking after their belongings and not dropping litter. They understand the importance of a healthy lifestyle and enthusiastically take part in the daily two-minute fitness challenge.'

'The daily two-minute challenge ensures all pupils have daily exercise, for example skipping, boxing or basketball.'

The full report can be read here