How can Skip2Bfit help with the School Games strategy?

Sporting Start

Skip2Bfit is an innovative approach to skipping. We have made skipping into a sport by the use of our specially designed skipping ropes. As you skip they count the number of skips you do. We challenge the children to skip for two minutes to see how many skips they can do. This can be used in all year groups in primary school and improvements can be measured over a period. Children compete against themselves to improve on their score and also compete against each other to find the best skipper or best skipping team.

Sporting Chance

Skip2Bfit workshops involve the whole school giving everybody the chance to take part. Also all you need to take part is a Skip2Bfit rope which gives all children the opportunity as it limits the barriers to taking part in sport. We have seen this many times in our school challenge events where children have taken part who do not normally take part in other school events such as football or netball as their parents have been unable to take them to events both logistically and financially. We have seen children in this situation really succeed with skipping and being the top skipper.

Sporting Best

One of the main lessons of SkipBbfit is that everybody can achieve if they try. We have been proven to intrinsically motivate children in all areas of their life including academic performance.